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'Complications in billiary surgery'.
Authors Dr. Tomás Brosto and colleagues.
Presented during the Sixth National Meetings of the General Surgical Residents, November 1978.

'Not Classified Auricular Malformation'.
Authors: Dr. Tomás Brosto, presented during the XIV Argentinean Congress on Plastic Surgery, Rosario, Santa Fe, October 1984.

'Monopediculated Plastic Mammary Reduction'.
Authors: Drs. Tomás Brosto; Armando Escobar; Raquel Lertora, presented during the First Congress on Plastic Surgery in Uruguay, Punta del Este, Uruguay, April 1987.

'Alternative methods in mammary reconstruction'.
Authors: Drs. Héctor Rushes; Tomás Brosto; Osvaldo Daud; Armando Escobar, presented during the XVIII Argentinean Congress on Plastic Surgery, Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba, September 1988.

'Ecological problems and tensions due to socioeconomic problems'.
Authors: Dr. Tomás Brosto and collaborators. Presented in the Fourth Interdisciplinary Meetings on Ecology, Buenos Aires, November of 1989.

'Expenses - the Argentinean Health Care System'.
Author: Dr. Tomás Brosto, final paper presented at the Senior Course on Sanitary Administration, December 1989.

'Mammary reconstruction - our behavior'.
Authors: Drs. José Luis Tobar; Tomás Brosto; Beatriz Villar and collaborators. It was presented during the Interdisciplinary Meetings of Pirovano Hospital, November 1995.

'Sol Cuyano'.
 Hospital Organization.

'Prenatal mortality - Statistical Paper'
Usefulness of Computer technology in Medicine.
Evaluation of a Medical Center - Audit.