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It is a well known fact that the concept of beauty widely varies between ethnic groups, the era, and diverse cultural factors. An ancient philosopher so keenly expressed that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The most optimal post-operative results will be achieved when a patient is in complete harmony with the beautified image reflected in the mirror.

In general, if our patients are completely satisfied and fulfilled with their results, so then will be the satisfaction of our professional surgeon. It is our priority that all of our patients feel beautified, fulfilled, and enhanced with the results that our professional surgeon's meticulous artistry will provide.

In order to successfully achieve this, it is imperative that the surgeon completely understands the desired esthetic effects of each patient. In turn, our patients are also required to be completely knowledgeable of the realistic possibilities and/or limitations that current esthetic technologies offer in our present day in order to achieve their most desired results.

Essentially, our professional surgeon discovers within each of our patients their unique innate beauty that has been hidden due to the passing of time, the effects of gravity, and asymmetries of form and volume. Our results are guaranteed to be that each patient's most beautifying features are brought forth to the surface and that those features that are least attractive be eliminated.

It is not my intention to describe the surgeries I personally perform. Rather, my goal and desire is to provide you with my most personalized attention, professional points of views in order to orient you within the experience that I have personally acquired within my 30+ years of professional practice and due specialties.